Question Asus error code 96 (help)

Feb 8, 2021
I recently updated some software using the asus armory software. after restarting my computer I’ve notice that the computer kept crashing after a minute or so. I cmos the motherboard and reflashed the bios to version 1003

(While on bios after the reflashing process. I defaulted the setting and changed the primary display to pcie )

But now I’ve noticed that when I boot it show code 96 on the motherboard, and doesn’t post so I removed the graphics card and connected it to the on board graphics and it works and it doesn’t crash

but my issue now is that when I connect my graphics card to the motherboard the same code shows up and it doesn’t boot but when I connected it to the second pcie slot it works but not on the first.

would any one have any clue what to do?

I have a
asus Maximus hero xii,
i7 10700k,
2x8 3200 gskill
1080 evga
850w psu
custom loop.