Asus expedition rx 570 4gb oc vs msi gaming x and asus strix oc?


Jan 23, 2015
Hello guys,
I was not able to see any satisfying answer on that question mentioned in title, well as i have been guided very well on all my questions in this forum so i decided to ask finally.

I have bought asus rx 570 expedition oc 4gb in 209 Australian dollars last month in september, just wanted to know that how it performs in games as compared to msi gaming x and strix oc rx 570 and in terms of cooling and reliability is expedition cards relaible?, because i can easily sell my card in higher price and can get any rx 570. will be playing games on 1080p and is it enough for 1080p for at least 3 years?
My pc specs are as follows.
I5 4670,
8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram. ( will be 16gb very soon).
asus sabertooth z87 mobo,
evga 600 b1 80+ bronze psu 600 watt,
1tb hdd,
all this in cosmos se atx case with 2 fans front 2 up and 2 back.
Thanks in advance guys for all my previous posts help and guidance and for this one.


They will be the same card, underneath regardless. You will also need to post links to each variant of the card in order for us to take a look at the cooling solutions. The expedition cards, from Asus, are a step above stock cooling but it doesn't have an eladorate cooling solution. The MSI Gaming X will have LED lighting and have a better cooling solution while the Asus Strix version of the 580 would be the same temps wise as the MSI. I'm basing them all off memory, but your links could change the answer a little.