Question Asus Extended Warranty?


Jul 16, 2018
I got a ROG Strix 2080 Ti from another user on reddit. Card is fine. I will be holding on to the card for the forseeable future as its the most powerful card that can run 3D Vision.

I just learned my warranty ended a week ago. The card hasn't shown any issues and I don't really overclock much. I haven't need to yet but most likely will with 4K 3D being demanding.

my quesiton is, is there a way to get additional warranty on the card just in case?


Im not sure if its worth it in my opinion. Asus screwed me over twice on a x99 board that killed 3 i7 5820k's 2 of them bone stock and Asus saying nothing was wrong with the board yet there are many people whos had issues but they just brushed the whole Asus x99 OC socket boards killing CPU's under the rug.

My Asus x399 board bios had a bug where it would not respond to the power button on the case or the even have resetting the cmos and trying a bios flash back, Asus was glad to take it back and yet it somehow worked for them and they sent it back, it ended up doing it again a few weeks later but I got it to work and sent them a RMA request, they took it and set the same board back and yeah I don't even use the system anymore because of it...

My Asus 5700xt, brand new, when the card was installed, the weight of the cooler pulled away from the VRM area, Asus used too long of screws, I sent it back, they replaced it, same problem, didn't even install it or peel the plastic off it, took a picture and sent it to them, the replaced it again and the problem was fixed as many other 5700xt owners had the problem, well the fixed one was not fixed..., so I fixed it my self with some thick plastic washers to take up the space and hold the cooler to the VRM and some washers around the GPU die as users reported of low contact pressures on the GPU die. Its been fine ever since.

Asus and I do not have a good track record, yet I still keep buying their junk lol, My current board and GPU is from Asus, my crappy monitor that has EDID issues with Nvidia cards, lol I love it!!!

Good Luck Bro!