Asus F555LA - Can I use windows 8 drivers on windows 7


Nov 28, 2012
I have the Asus F555LA laptop and it comes with Windows 8. I don't want Windows 8 because it's the most ridiculous thing ever. I want to downgrade with my Windows 7 disk... but the website of ASUS only offers Windows 8 drivers for this laptop. How would I fix my problem? Can I use windows 8 drivers on windows 7 platform or should I not risk it and stay with Windows 8?
That laptop is made so it only has drivers that work with Windows 8.

You can get software that makes W8 look like W7 eg Start8.

Or sell your laptop and buy one that works with Windows 7.
Yeah, I'd probably recommend staying with Windows 8 and just installing Classic Shell, which is free. It will change the Metro and desktop function back to Windows 7 style. I dislike the Windows 8 Metro screens and lack of normal desktop and start menu function too, but with Classic Shell it's a non-issue and it acts pretty much just like 7, but with the better hardware and applications support of Windows 8 in the background.

Classic Shell:



1. Upgrade your Win 8 to Win 8.1

2. Cause it to boot directly into Desktop mode.
Right click the taskbar, Select Properties, Select the Navigation tab
You can cause it to boot directly into Desktop mode from here. The Metro interface need never be seen.

3. Pin your most used applications to the taskbar