ASUS G72GX can't update the bios

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Jan 11, 2010
Hi guys,

I'm trying to update my BIOS for my ASUS G72GX, and I've downloaded the correct bios files from the asus website. However, when I try to use winflash to update, the program doesn't find the ROM files that I've downloaded. I've also tried using winflash through the bios setup screen. Does anyone know what the problem is here?

I'm updating my bios to up the temperature limit, as I find when playing anything remotely new my laptop turns down the GPU clock speed and my game just grinds down to a slideshow.

Thanks for the help


Jul 31, 2012
The Asus G72 is a gaming laptop, Brett. You didn't answer the guys question, so why post anything!?! I am having the same problem. I have downloaded the file and extracted it. But , I still can't find it using the windows flash 2. Is there anyone out there who can help with actual information to help with this update?


Jul 29, 2012
Its got something to do with the Encryption that ASUS ships their hard drives with.

Its hard to rootkit a laptop with an encrypted Hard drive, I highly suggest you keep everything the way it is unless you have an underlying problem causing you to NEED this update, like bluescreens etc.

As for Temperature limits, the limits are hard programed onto the GTX260 chip.

My old G72GX would first underclock at 70 ish then at 85 and at 95 brings it to a grinding halt, and you will hear the fan go crazy to cool the computer off.

The G72GX has a SUPERB cooling design, with 1 fan, keeping the P series and what is a rebranded and underclocked Desktop Nvidia 9800GTX chip, im frankly amazed how they did it with one fan, the downside is, the whole cooling fan gets clogged up with dust within 5 months, pretty much on the clock.

There is a bottom plate on the bottom which can be taken off, the FAN itself comes off with 4 screws and a can of compressed air should do the trick quite nicely to clean out the dust in the back grill area and off the fan itself.

When taking off the fan, TAKE IT SLOW, there is a wire leading to the motherboard, if damaged, the fan is destroyed and a replacement can be costly or take a long time to ship to you.

Dont mess around with anything else, you can look, but dont touch if you dont know what your doing.

Im a little unhappy of their use with stickers in that area to help regulate air, be careful not to unglue or dislodge those, also make sure the battery is out and the unit is unplugged dropping a nut onto a powered motherboard can usually end in disaster.

Also, stay away from carpets and ground yourself before opening the back plate or you can pay maybe 20-40$ at any local repair shop to do it for you.

After a good cleaning, Correct and slow reassembly you will notice that the performance increase is simply Dramatic to say the least.

Also, do not cover the Center holes on the bottom of the laptop and don't abstract the rear exhaust, this should allow the laptop to run as designed.
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