Asus GeForce GTX 750 Ti "Maxwell" Shows Up Online

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Oct 14, 2013
$225? Come on! Assuming that price would representative of the average price of a 750 Ti, there is little incentive to get the 750 Ti since you could get the GTX 760. According to benchmarks, the 750 Ti is slower than the GTX 660, which was pretty bad. However, those benchmarks didn't have context as there were no clock speeds or any of the like listed.

I think it should be a GTX 650 Ti Boost replacement for around $140 for a 1GB version. There aren't any more Boosts or 7850s, which creates a gulf between the 7790/650 Ti and the 270(X), which also would make that around-$150 market easy to win in.



I just explained how the Hungarian VAT turns $175 into $225...

Poul Wrist

Jul 16, 2013
If you clicked the 2nd link, you would have read that there are two GTX 750 tis. The first, a Kepler, has already been was tested before Nvidia decided not to produce it and it was faster than the GTX 660 which isn't surprising since it would have basically been a tweaked GTX 660 with nearly identical specs. One would assume the Maxwell 750ti would be even faster and more efficient. I don't know where you even saw a benchmark on the Maxwell 750ti; link? As for the price, like the author mentioned this very well may have been a guess. It is just like when Amazon and other online retailers were guessing the prices on the PS4 and Xbox One several months before the consoles were even unveiled so that customers could place pre-orders. But, even at $225, if you look at how much a GTX 660 cost at launch ($240) and how much it is still selling for ($190) this is actually not too high considering it should be much faster the GTX 660. But, I do agree that it wouldn't be a better buy until it is under $200. One big incentive, though, is the new UVM tech which should allow a Maxwell card with similar specs as a Kepler card to run much more efficiently on top of the already massive Gflops/watt jump as illustrated in the chart. My guess is that Nvidia will release a GTX 750, a crippled version of the GTX 750ti, to fill in the $150 market; otherwise why use the "ti"? If the 750 is just a binned 750ti then it would be no surprise if both cards are released at the same time. seems to be a thing that it's slower. Who knows, though.
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