ASUS GeForce Ti 4200 128 with AGP 8X


Jul 28, 2003
Two questions:

1) I've noticed that the backside of this card becomes quite hot to the touch, and I'm worried that the mem chips are going to fry. I'd like some advice on how best to cool down the backside. I've thought about mounting a standard 80mm fan right on top of the card, but not sure if that's feasible. Where would the fan rest, and how would I secure it without damaging the card?

2) I'd really like to be able to monitor the GPU temp, but when I load ASUS SmartDoctor all I see is an interface for oc'ing. Is there any way for to me to monitor the GPU temp, and fan rpm, with my mobo/vid card combination?

System specs:
ASUS P4PE deluxe mobo
P4 2.4B (533MHz FSB) w/ stock fan & heatsinc
1 DIMM of 512MB PC2700 (DDR333)

Nothing oc'd.




Ya Ti4200 wont overheat.Keep in mind that silicon melting temp is over 100C, so maybe when touching the back that 40 some celsius seams hot but its probably nothign to worry about. Also there is the option somewhere in smart doctor you jsut have to look around and select the appropriate boxes. I dont have my asus anymore but I rember monitoring the temp and changing the fan speed.