Question Asus GL502VM laptop broken

Aug 14, 2020
My Asus GL502VM laptop has stopped working as of last night and I am looking for ways to fix it without sending it in, or to figure out of it is bricked and I need to get a new one. Either answer is better then having to take it in. I will try to describe in detail what my problem is
Last night I tried to boot it up as normal after last using it several months ago. My drive is encrypted with veracrypt, so on boot it goes to a basic screen which asks for my decryption password. I entered this as normal, and it started to boot up, but it then froze in the middle of this for several minutes. I powered it down and attempted to turn it on, at which point the computer would turn on for a second, then turn off, then turn on, in a loop. This continued through me trying to force power it off until I opened the back of the computer up and disconnected the battery from the motherboard. I messed with it for a while, until I got it to stay on, at which point both fans came on, and the light on the left of the computer would stay on. At this point, despite having a very low charge, and not having the power cable in, the power cable indicator turned on, green, and started blinking. I charged it overnight and when I woke up the boot screen where I enter my password did come on again, but it froze before I could enter my password. I powered it off again and it went to the power on power off loop again, this time without the fans even starting to turn on. I left it like this for a little while before it stopped, at which point I now cannot even get it to begin to power it on, so the computer is essentially a brick aside from the fact that the charging indicator light will come on if I plug the power cable in. I have slightly modified the computer by replacing the ram card it came with with a 16 gigabyte one and adding a PCIe SSD card as well as replacing the HDD with a samsung SSD (970 EVO i believe). this was all over a year ago though so more relevantly about a month ago my keyboard shot itself so I replaced it with one I bought off ebay, a knockoff from china (price was cheap). This all worked fine up until last night. I have owned this computer since late 2016 and it would not be unbelievable that the battery is broken, but it could also be the motherboard or something else and I dont want to buy new parts unless im sure that i can fix it. Does anyone with experience with these have any ides what could be wrong?