Question Asus gtx 1070 ti editions / models

Apr 24, 2019
Hi there.
I am making my first pc and I don't know what kind of 1070 ti model to buy.
I am sure that I want gtx 1070 ti , not an 1660 ti because the first has better benchmarks.

My question is: I have a case with 6 fans maybe will be cooled high but which gpu model is better? (1070 ti TURBO/CERBERUS/ARMOR/SUPER JET/STRIX/GAMING/ etc. )

My set up: Procesor: i7 8700
Monitor : 34 inch, 2k , 144hz

I am playing : Apex, Pubg, Cs go.

Thank you for your answer !
Why not get a RTX 2070, unless you can find a great deal on a used/old stock 1070ti there's no reason to buy last gen.

As far as which one is better, typically all the models companies offer just vary between looks, cooler types or clock speed differences (which usually don't make any huge performance difference).
On average, a GTX 1070 Ti performs similar to an RTX 2060 in existing games. The 2060 also includes some design changes that may allow it to perform a little better in future games, along with hardware raytracing support, though raytraced lighting effects still have a big impact on performance, and are only supported in 3 games so far.

It doesn't make much sense to spend more for a 1070 Ti than for a 2060, in any case. And a 2070 will be faster than a 1080.

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