ASUS GTX 670 Directcu ii overclocking

So I'm getting my ASUS GTX 670 Directcu ii in the coming week, and I'd like to know of its overclocking potential? It's not the TOP version. I can't find any review of it, only the TOP version. So I'm left to the forums. :??:

If anyone own the GPU, then I would be very pleased if you could post your stable overclocks with fan speed in % right here. Thanks in advance! :bounce:
there are better cards than the asus. the gigabyte and the msi are good examples

the gigabyte. my card can hit 1150mhz and 1300mhz boost. runs at like 55c at full load. i needed more voltage to go higher in terms of the overclock, but all nvidia cards except for the msi have a voltage lock

the msi card. this can overvolt, but only in the previous batches. not guranteed that you will get one of them.

The ASUS is the most silent GTX 670, so that is why I chose it. Silence means a lot to me while gaming. I just want to know of the ASUS GTX 670 Directcu ii, I already ordered. Still thanks for you quick reply, it's appreciated!
yes i realized that the top versions are not sold any more but it doesnt mean they dont bin them for other uses

from what i know, the gigabyte is more quiet. im a silence freak. i run my card at 20% fan speed for most of the time and it stays at cool temps whatsoever. the asus does not have as of a large heatsink as the gigabyte, which means the fans will have to spin faster

Look here mate,3217-16.html

So just to be sure, are you using your GPU with an overclock to 1150? I hope that the ASUS GTX 670, will go nearly as high! :)