Question ASUS H110M-R, my BIOS version doesn't exist?

Nov 20, 2021

I have purchased my computer pre-built from PC Builder, back in 2017. The PC in question has an Asus H11M-R Motherboard, and I'm planning to upgrade my CPU. Currently, I own Intel Core i3-7100, and I would like to upgrade it to Intel Core i5-7400.

I've taken a look on the Asus' support site, and I've learned that the i5 I'm looking for will work on the MOBO with BIOS version 3016 and up. This means that I'll need to update my BIOS since the current version I have is 3002.

However, I've noticed that Asus doesn't list version 3002 of BIOS for the MOBO. This is very odd, especially since my current i3-7100 processor also required 3016 to work, according to ASUS. Yet, it has been working all these years on an outdated BIOS?

Needless to say, I'm confused and dumbfounded. I'd like to know if the i5 will work on my MOBO, with or without the BIOS update. I don't have the i5 now, so I can't actually test it.

I've attached the screenshots for my specs, in case it helps.

Thank you in advance!