Question Asus H61M-K USB Overcurrent


Jan 31, 2012
I cobbled together a little gaming computer for my kid to take home, all has been well for about a year, but on a recent relocation of the tower it's displaying a USB over current error.

From what I was told, the tower was unplugged, moved to a different room and then had a new keyboard and mouse attached. It's never booted since then.

I tried to put a meter into the USB connections on the new keyboard and mouse to see if maybe they had an internal short that nuked the bus on the motherboard, but my meter's probes are way too big. Is there a doodad I can buy for this troubleshooting to allow my probes to make good contact with the 4 pins in the peripheral plugs?

As for the motherboard, I've pulled all of the front USB cables - no dice. I don't appear to have a jumper for anything other than "USB device wake up". I can't find any physical damage to the rear ports. There is no IO shield...I either failed to install it or it fell off at some point. If the keyboard and mouse turn out to be OK, maybe someone shuffled their feet on the carpet and nuked the bus with a static discharge? I can't get into the BIOS since I can't get it to recognize a keyboard.

Originally, the boot screen claimed there were 2 keyboards connected, now it claims there are 2 hubs connected. Are those just the onboard rear USB ports, or does it think I have devices hooked up?

What's my next step to determine if the MB is nuked, I've seen some mention of pulling the CMOS battery and I do see the edge of a small lithium coin battery behind the GPU. Should I pop that next? I'm not OC'd or anything on this PC, I think the chip is locked, so it should just boot right back up with an incorrect time/date, yeah?