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Question Asus H97 Pro Gamer, normal POST beep but no display?

Jul 5, 2020
Normal POST beep, no other error codes or led indicators
No display, board does not boot

Hi guys,

I bought a damaged Asus H97 Pro Gamer with bent cpu pins.
According to the seller, only a few pins should be bent, but the board should be fine.
I think I was able to bend back all the bent pins into place.

When I try to boot the board, I get a short default POST boot beep.
The CPU LED, PCI LED and the DRAM LED light up briefly one after the other and then go out.
It seems the board is booting normal. Then it looks like the screen is turning on and the monitor seems to respond to the graphics card.
The backlight LEDs seem to be activated, but there is nothing on the screen. Even the NUM LOCK key on the keyboard lights up.

But then nothing more happens.
No BIOS / UFEI, no further boot, no other error codes.

I have already tested the mainboard with two different CPUs (i3 4160 and XEON 1231v3) and various memory modules and graphics cards.
Of course, I always made a CMOS reset after switching the parts.
Always the same behavior.

Does anyone have an idea to fix the error?
Could this behavior come from a CPU pin that is still not in the right place?
But wouldn't the CPU LED on the socket blink in this case?

Hope you guys can help me out.