Question Asus K52J fan doesnt work properly, suspecting on bios issue

Aug 15, 2019
As title says. I have this trashcan laptop for long time. It is in my honest opinion worst ever created tech device, ive ever heard of. Always had issues with this model since warranty expired literally. Like they created it to break when your warranty expires. Sorry for rant.

To the point, my fan wont work properly and is barely rotating and CPU is overheating so much, whole heatsink is so hot about 2 minutes after power on, if i put finger on it i cant hold it more than 1 milisecond. But before you say something about fan, i must tell that its not really a fan issue because when i enter bios it works full potential and by air its throwing out at that moment when im in bios, i can say cpu or gpu are working on 200%, just as soon as i leave bios it works on 1% again but processor is probably working 200% still, even tho i installed cpu and gpu monitor when i still could pass farther to login, and it shows surely false info, because it shows below normal temp and it shuts down of hotness.

I tried all verions of BIOS for this model, at the description of one version 204 i think actually they wrote on official site "fan not working properly issues solved" so they kinda knew about this problem before, tho its obviosly not solved at all.

Ive tried everything. Disassembled every part of laptop, cleaned it all even there wasnt any dust because i was maintaining it regularly, changed termal paste, put off motherboard battery, put off RAM, put all back, still it is stuck with this fan issue. I tried making it work in windows power options changing from cooling passive to active, changing parameters of cpu usage to 5%, nothing worked. In bios there isnt any feature to control fan speed or anything, there isnt any program for that too, its the simplest ever bios, you cant change anything, just can choose where to boot from.
This is just one of many issues ive experienced on this model over years of using it, surely asus should be ashamed for putting on market this model and other models from series since ive seen hundreds of posts about various issues concrete for this series...

I am not expecting much but if anyone knows something or have any advice or idea, do not hesitate to share with me.