Question Asus laptop black screen after boot order changed in BIOS

Aug 31, 2019
Hi. Yesterday I didn't use the laptop and it went into hibernation mode automatically. Today, when I tried to start it, I entered the BIOS and changed the boot order as follows: 1. CD-ROM
2.SSD site. After I did this, I reset the laptop and now it doesn't open. All the light bulbs simply turn on, the fan also starts to work but the screen is completely black, not even the ASUS logo from the beginning appears to me anymore. I've tried hard reset countless times, but it didn't work. I removed the SSD and RAM but it didn't work, I even reset the BIOS's CMOS battery and the same thing happened. I should mention that a few months ago I replaced the HDD with an SSD and instead of the optical drive of the CD I replaced it with the old HDD in an HDD Caddy, but it worked perfectly until today. I don't know what other methods I would have. I also want to mention that if I connect the laptop to an external monitor, it receives the impulse that I connected it, but also the external monitor is switched on, but it shows a black image. One more thing: it is clear that the display still works because when I open the laptop, the display becomes blacker than usual and when I turn it off it becomes dull black. Thank you.