Question ASUS Laptop Cooling Problem When tabbing in and out.

May 26, 2020
Greetings all

I got an ASUS ROG G752VT Laptop with 16GB ram and an I7-6700HQ CPU with a GTX 970M, tried to record some gameplay days ago and noticed that the game was a bit sluggish when hovering my mouse over some spots, tabbed out to open up MSI Afterburner to check the temps, it showed me that my GPU and CPU are at 45C-55C, though when I tabbed back into the game I played and the same thing happened, as I was tabbing out the game again I checked the temps and to my surprise, both my CPU and GPU temps were skyrocketing all the way to 89C, and then they started to decrease on the spot till they reach 50C or so.

I'd really appreciate some help as I have got no clue what's going on, thanks for reading.

Note : I have sent my laptop to the technician days ago after I figured out that this thing is happening, got my thermal paste replaced and my laptop cleaned from the inside out (Heat sink and the fins alongside the fans), yet the problem still persists.