Question Asus laptop FX53VD-RS71 upgrade


Sep 23, 2018
Hey guys.. is there anyway to upgrade the gpu on this laptop.. it currently has a gtx 1050 4gb.. I know a lot on desktops.. but not much on laptops.. I’ve already upgraded the ram and a M.2 SSD.. which I had no idea even existed lol.. damn thing is amazing.. just need to upgrade the gpu and I’m set! Any help will do.. thx!
Does you laptop come with an MXM 3.0 Slot ? If NO, then you cannot upgrade the GPU, since the card might be soldered to the Motherboard..

Some more info on this issue, assuming you have one laptop that supports this feature.

MXM graphics cards are actually damn expensive as well. For the same price, you could get a desktop version of the card. A GTX 1060 card cost approximately USD400.

A GTX 1080 MXM graphics card costs about USD1000. That’s almost equivalent to the price of a gaming laptop. When you see prices like that you will quickly change your mind about getting an MXM graphics card.

Lastly, you need the hardware knowledge to properly install an MXM graphics card. If you are not careful you can easily destroy something on the motherboard.

You have to do thorough research before you even think about purchasing an MXM graphics card. Most people do not have the knowledge or the time to learn about MXM graphics cards. Hence it’s unpopularity. The only advantage that an MXM GPU has is its upgradeability. That’s all. To be honest, it is not worth getting an MXM graphics card.