Question Asus Laptop not booting from HDD ?


May 18, 2020
So I have an old Asus laptop that isn't booting from the hard drive so I tried putting that drive in another laptop and it booted just fine. I thought I'd use a bootable windows usb to format the hdd and do a clean install inside the Asus laptop but in the windows setup there are 2 drives both 0mbs 0_o. I went inside the bios and changed the sata mode from achi to ide to no avail.

When I try booting up the laptop it says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected device and press a key"

For some context: my mom smacked this laptop right above the hdd area a while ago. It gave a BSoD and that hdd never booted again tho I didn't try putting that one in the other laptop. So this is another hdd. Couldn't be a problem with the laptop now could it?

If it was a bios configuration issue UEFI/Legacy etc. then it would still show the proper drives when trying to reinstall Windows. But it just shows 2 drives with 0mbs of size 0_o.
Booting the drive in another laptop reveals 3 drives one 50gbs and the other 2 90 gbs.
Pls help!