ASUS laptop reset

May 22, 2018
So, where do I begin, I installed a Windows Update last night and everything was gone fine, four hour later I experienced so many issues that caused me to reset my laptop. I am not "advanced" in computing and did not know that when a computer is doing something I should not power it off, but someone told me online to turn off my laptop because it was stuck at 33%, I done that and now everything is messed. So, let's talk where I am now, I have a USB bootable that Microsoft gave to me, however every time I go to boot menu, boot priority I do not see my USB, when I go to normal mode or safe mode with networking, I can see my USB, so my laptop is detecting it but I have no systems, because when trying to open such things it says something on the line the device is not ready etc. So, right now I have no idea what to do, talked to Microsoft but not able to help until Thursday as it has been escalated to tier 2, I can't wait that long because I need to do stuff on the laptop, so I came here, if anyone can help me it would be appreciated, thank you.
What model is your laptop?
Is there an option in your boot menu for "Removable Devices"?