Question Asus Laptop SSD Cooling

Dec 28, 2022
Got a week old Asus Zehpyrus g15 (2021)
AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS
GTX 3080
32gig ram
SSD 1 tb

I wanted to add an additional SSD to the new slot - Samsung 970 Evoplus 2 tb (yes I need a lot for work and personal use)
After installing the new SSD the temps went nuts in CPU and the new SSD. Although it worked fine? Apart from the overheat.
The thermals of the NEW SSD is about 50-65C idle and 70-80C when in use. CPU gets +5-10C degrees.

Added 0.5 mm thermal pad on the new SSD - nothing changed, but the temp go to 84C (full pad on top and half a pad on the bottom).
The temperatures observed in Crystal, HW and Magician (all close in values, but HW shown a few different sensors that had a substantial difference, but still over 65 under load)

Images - View:

Would adding copper tape above the new SSD same as it is above the preinstalled one aid the situation or should I try another SSD? Any other reccomendations?

Thank you in advance!