Question Asus Laptop with Dual GPUs stuck on using the lowest spec gpu


Dec 7, 2018
Hello everyone , I am a bit confused here. I have an ASUS X550ZE with A10-7400P CPU and 2 GPUs (a Radeon R6 512mb which is primary and a R5 M230 2 GB secondary). The amd radeon software says they are switchable , but there is no way whatsoever to make the R5 even work. It doesnt work on simple computer tasks , it doesnt start in any game ...It's there , device manager recognizes it and so does amd adrenaline , but it simply wont work , like its there as a placeholder or something.

I want to mention that I am using the latest AMD Adrenaline 2020 drivers , and the interface has changed a lot. I have tried every possible setting , but I found no way to make it work. I also noticed that sometimes games say they are using the R5 but task manager only shows the R6 working.

In short terms , the laptop only runs on 512 mb of VRAM rather than 2 GB , or combined (because crossfire is also enabled but doesn't work either)

If anyone knows something that could help me , please tell me. This laptop costed a bit back in 2016 when I bought it , and just the idea of having used half of the specs is killing me.