News Asus Launches 'Beastly-Styled' Custom Radeon RX 6700 XT


Oct 19, 2011
Sure would be nice if the number of product variants were reduced until the shortage ends. I'd rather check for 1 Asus card with bigger stock drops than 3+ cards each with smaller stock drops. Having products spread so thin makes sure the most advanced bots are the only ones making purchases.
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Well, to be fair, its explained as these are all high lvl silicon that doesn't pass the bar as 3070+ but can be sold as a 3060 instead. They just selling the rejects.
What are they to do with them otherwise? Destroy them and have some headline "Nvidia destroys X number of potential GPU while gamers everywhere can't get one"
Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't.
this way they get to sell them to miners and pretend they for gamers.


Apr 21, 2020
Hello everyone and forgive me for my intrusion.

A long time later, all specs are known. Point is , I bought the Tuf version because of (among others of course) the unique detail Asus herself declares in the card's page. Ref no. 90YV0G80-M0NA00

The dual value memory interface. So I asked them and they insist that by switching to ''Professional Mode" the card is working under 256bit while in "Simple Mode" it works on 192bit. I am considering really to post here their replying mails.....
They keep telling me this five days now. But I can't make it work in my pc, Tuf X570mb-R3600X-32GB Crucial. Am I missing something?
Can someone be of any help regarding the specific detail, notwithstanding we are talking about a great card..??