Asus m5a97 pro no post, vga, boot


Jan 10, 2012
Just done a homebuild with;
Asus m5a97 Pro
Amd fx4100
Nvidia gt 230
4gb ddr3 ram
powercool 550w psu
120 gb sata hdd
Dvd rewriter

I am having trouble when booting, on pressing the power buttons, all fans spin and seems fine, but there is no display on my monitor,
i am unsure what to do, any suggestions could help
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Since you listed an FX CPU chances are you have a pre-BIOS version 0813 which is the minimum for the FX to boot - period.

See ->

If this is indeed the case:
1. Donor CPU - Sempron 140 or Sempron 145 ; cheapest supported CPU with lowest BIOS version.
2. Send MOBO to ASUS and they'll update the BIOS ; 2+ weeks
3. Borrow non-FX AMD CPU or go to a Computer Shop.

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Jan 21, 2012
Hi i tried my Phenom11x2 Phenom BE but it was set at 4 cores so is seen as a B40 it did not work on the motherboard,
still get a quick flash of the boot up page prior to the monitor going black. I should have maybe tried it reverted back to 2 core. this is a real chicken and egg scenario.

First you need to reset the BIOS to defaults and then use the PII X 2. You can't set the processor itself to being 4 core unlocked permanently. It's the Mobo which does it.
So basically you need to reset the BIOS to defaults, remove CMOS battery, short jumpers, hit a switch whatever and then try to use the processor. Just boot into the BIOS after that. Don't try to change anything there, update to the latest BIOS and that's it.... your FX6100 should be good to go in that board.