Question Asus Matrix GTX 980 TI No Signal


Jun 26, 2012
i have Asus Matrix GTX 980 TI & few weeks a go something wired happand. suddenly when i turn on my pc i get no signal. but i can log in from safe mode with no problams. so i log in to safe mode and uninstall my GPU driver and then restart my pc and then its working fine with no driver. but when i install the driver its not working again.
things i already did:
  1. in some point i had a BAD S.M.A.R.T error so i bought a new intel SSD and install every thing from the start and still the same thing when i install the GPU Driver.
  2. install other drivers
  3. plug the GPU and all the other parts out and in lots of times
  4. clean all the pc


So, if you can, check the BIOS and see what is being reported for the 3v, 5v and 12v system voltage values. Note that.

Then download HWinfo and install it.

Download Furmark and install it.

Run HWinfo and choose the "Sensors only" option. Uncheck the "Summary" option.

Run Furmark and run the torture test WITH HWinfo open. Find and note the 3v, 5v and 12v system voltage values while running Furmark, if it will run. It may not in safe mode with basic drivers.

Alternatively, while I know that is a very good power supply, stuff happens. I've seen a number of faulty AX units on here lately and all of them were in the 4-6 year old category so I can't exempt that unit just based on it's initial quality. There could be an underlying reason why I'm seeing this that's common to that platform. All of them were units over 1000w.

So, if you have access to a volt meter, you can also get a baseline idea of what that unit is doing, although not what it is doing under load conditions such as when full drivers are in effect, by doing the following tests.