The Dead Man

Dec 12, 2007
Ya I just bought the asus maximus formula, & I bought 2 packs = 4 gigs of some Ocz Rev 2. I havent installed the mother board yet, cause I was skimming through the book & looked at the list for all the ddr2 800mhz that its compatible with & I noticed that the Ocz brand wanst on the list & I thought that was wierd cause I had looked at the list on the Asus web site before & thought I had seen it on the list, so I went back too their site & sure enought the whole list was there & the only Ocz ram that it said that it suported was the 1200 mhz. So I think I might be stuck with these 2 packs of Ocz Rev 2, cause I think it might be a pain in the butt, to Rma them back to vancouver since I live on vancouver island, so I left their web site a message that I bought the wrong ram & Im waitn for their reply, & on the list it says it mostly supports kingston, 1 corsair in the ddr2 800mhz, & 4 Crucial ddr2 800mhz, & 2 Super Talent ddr2 800mhz, so I was thinking of gettn some Crucial Ballistix ddr2 800mhz, & keep the 4gigs of Ocz ram for another cheaper pc build down the road, cause I just spent quit a bit here on my new pc, & I still need to get a pci-e video card as well, but I was just gonna use my old pci card till I got the new 1 , but then I saw my ram situation, so I cant fire up my pc yet !. So I was wondering if u can tell me if the Ocz will work or not on that board, since u guys are the experts, on this type of stuff. But from what Im under standing they wont. & what do u guys think of this kingston brand of ram, Im not that familure with it, compared to the other brands, as well as this Super Talent brand, whats that like !. Sorry 4 the long paragraph. Please help, need feedback. Ps I had read some where that this person was using an agp video card in his pci or his pci-e port, is that true will a agp card work in a pci or a pci-e port, never heard of that before?!. thanks


Feb 8, 2007
That is one damn long paragraph. Messed with my eyes so I didn't read it

The ram will probably work, don't listen to the QVL's....They are just a small amount of ram that work with the board. There are so many unlisted modules that work perfectly. Personally, I always google check to be safe, I never listen to the QVL's. It should work no problem..just open one up and pop them in to see.

Regarding the AGP question, AGP cards will NOT work in PCI or PCI-E slots.


Sep 21, 2007
No kidding about messing up your eyes trying to read that post.

You really should try to make your posts more readable.

I have that board, I am using Mushkin RAM. The Mushkin RAM is not on the QVL either, and it works just fine. I would be willing to bet that you will be fine. I suggest, however, that you start with only two (not four) sticks, and plug them into the white slots. Once everything seems to be working OK, you can add the other two sticks.