Asus Maximus hero Viii Temp sensor #11 spiking from 0 to 127 degrees!

Aug 9, 2018
Hi All,

New to the forum and hope someone can help

I have just noticed that via the corsair ICue Software that a MotherBoard Temp sensor listed as Temp #11 is spiking from 0 to 127 degrees!

I'm not sure where this is even located on the board and what might be causing it, the system is running fine

is this some sort of glitch?

System specs -

Intel I7 6700k (stock clocks)
H150i Cooler
Asus Maximus Hero Viii MB
16gb Corsair lpx ram
GTX 1070

total of 10 system fans running.

Cheers in advance

I think that most likely there is no sensor there.

It is what I would call an open input.

The software is designed so that if there is a sensor on that input, it will read it, but if there is none there the input will float and you will see random jumps and spikes etc.

I don't think anything is really 127C in your machine.