ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z vs ASROCK Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 vs


Aug 16, 2011
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z vs ASROCK Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 vs ASROCK Z68 Extreme7 Gen3

I have looked and relooked at all these boards. I have read reviews where they exist etc...

They all have things I like and they all have things I wish was slightly diffrent etc...

I plan on putting in a iCore 7 2600k and over clcocking
Memory will be between 16 and 32gb depending on what I can find that works best. Probably end up compromising at 24GB

Video is still in the air. Either going with 3 GTX 570's or 2 ASUS 580's, yes the 3 slot wide one. Still even a chance of a 590 though that is very slim.

Storage: Pretty certain I will end up with either a 120GB or 160GB SSD with and outside chance of a 240GB. The other drives will all be 1-2 TB WD's or Seagates.

Case Thermaltake Level 10GT. Power will probably be either the Thermaltake 1350M or 1500M.

Think I am going to do the Bigwater 760 for the CPU as well. This is still in flux though.

Plan on running 3 27 monitors.

This is a gaming system for the most part but I want to push it fairly far in to the over clocking realm as well.
Games include World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Civilization, Command and Conquor and looking to expand even more.

This has been a project in flux as I piece it togther. Ever changing till I buy the next piece in the system.

I have a little time on the boards but wanted thoughts because there is not a lot that I can find comparing these three especially the Extreme7


Nov 9, 2010
I can vouch for the ASROCK Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3. Hands down best board I've owned. Also, by far, the easiest set-up I've ever had. My last board was an ASUS and running down the drivers and installing them was a nightmare for me and everyone else with that board. ASROCK? Went ahead and updated BIOS. Then all drivers and utilities are right on the included disk, installed themselves in the proper order, and running cool and stable right off the bat. I had some interest in the Extreme7, but the deal killer for me was the Extreme7 only has one PCI-slot. I need two. Also like the IDE and PATA connectors on the Fatal1ty Pro board for any present or future old-school needs. One of those things you think you'll never need, but if/when you do, it's awesome to have it on a modern board. When I compare the Fatal1ty Pro board and the Extreme7, the Fatal1ty Pro is the superior board and it's about $40 less right now, and $110 less than the Maximus IV Z68.

Specs on my build:

ASROCK Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3
i7 2600K
8GB G Skill Ripjaws X 1333 (about to make it 16GB)
Crucial m4 SSD booting Windows 7 Ult
WD Caviar Black 640GB booting Win XP
Bunch of SATA storage
NZXT Hale 650 Watt PS
Azza Hurrican 2000 Case
Waiting / watching on nvidia 560ti GPU, thanks to the pretty impressive onboard video I'm using in the meantime


Dec 10, 2010

:sol: :sol: :sol: I vote for Asus but u are on Overclocking, can you wait up to new year cause a new board is coming from ASUS for extreme overclocking with all maximus features. :sol: :sol: :sol: :sol:


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