Question [ASUS Maximus XII Hero] Led's are blinking going Crazy since i installed NEW GPU

Yesterday i installed NEW GPU in my system MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Suprim X
after i installed that card in my system the LED NZXT one are going crazy at static mode like flickering producing random colors at that time i thought its sotware issues
but today i turned on the LED stip which is connected at back of my table powered by motherboard is also blinking exactly same what could be the issue?

Cooler Master v750 gold Fully modular
ASUS Maximus XII Hero
I9- 10850K @5.2 Ghz
8x4Sticks total 32GB Gskill Ram
M.2 SSD x2
3 Sata HDD
4 Corsair LL RGB FANS
NZXT Hue + RGB LED Controller which is powered by Molex i think 4 LED strips are connected
NZXT X63 AIO Cooler
I have one 5V ARGB Sata Powered LED Splitter which is connected with 5v ARGB LED connecter from my motherboard and it is powered by 12V Sata and it is powering 120 LED stip 2 M
Soundblaster AE-9 Which also needs power from PCI-E

i think thats all.....
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