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Question ASUS Monitor Comparison


Jun 30, 2013
I have an older rig, pushing an i5-3570k & EVGA GTX-1070 FTW GPU, and currently gaming at 1440p on a decent, but cheaper Acer 27" IPS K272HUL. It's a good monitor, and it's really opened my eyes to 2k gaming, but I have noticed some significant stutter/screen fracking at times. I know my rig is dating, and I'll be upgrading it with a new build down the road, but in the meantime, I've been keeping an eye out for something to replace it as my main gaming display. I don't mind investing a bit more in a solid peripheral option, something with G-sync (I'll use an Nvidia card in the future), that will last me through the next build or two.

I noticed that Asus' ROG Swift PG279Q is on sale for a couple of days now. It was on my wishlist, and got me shopping around a bit. It kinda shocked me to find that there is a newer TUF VG27AQ that's being regularly sold for $50 less than the PG's sale price. Upon a spec comparison, there really doesn't seem to be much difference. I'm also guessing that the non-TUF PG is a bit of an older release, but with solidly positive reviews. I can't find as many positive reviews when searching the VG --- except one (that I can't find now), that mentions it's fair price is due simply to ASUS using a sub-premium panel, but still tagging it with the TUF branding.

I'm curious if anyone can speak to this with any experience. Basically, should I hurry & take advantage of the PG's sale price, or is the newer TUF VG monitor really the same/better for cheaper?

Thanks in advance!


The only review I found ot the VG27AQ found it to be a good monitor but the PG279Q was reviewed by the same site much better. I think the TUF is a more entry level monitor while the ROG is a higher end monitor for Asus. Thats how it normally is for most of their products these days.