Question Asus Monitor stucked at 60Hz

Mar 29, 2022
Hi! first of all i hope i'm in the propper section since it's my first time posting here since i'm having quite a hard time finding the information i need.

Ok so... i've just bought an Asus VA27EHEY (75Hz) wich i'm running with extended display with a Samsung S24F350 (60Hz) (being the ASUS one my main screen).
so the thing is, i'm stucked with my FPS at 60, even running games at fullscreen, even the OSD says it's 60 Hz.

My specs are
Ryzen 2600x
2x8 Gb 2666 MHZ
Gigabyte GTX 1660 ti

oh, and my samsung screen is connected via HDMI wire and my Asus one is connected to the gpu via HDMI with an DPort addapter
if i'm missing something feel free to tell me and i'll answer asap.

So if anyone outhere has any idea what should i do to unlock the holly 75 Hz i would be deeply thankful


Mar 31, 2022
You could buy a Type 2 DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter, sounds like your adapter is Type 1. Course you can continue to use the adapter you already have for your secondary monitor as you suggest, being mindful of its limitation for possible future use.

Coincidentally someone in the same situation as you posted about this on Reddit a couple of years back, here's the link to the discussion: View:

Apparently this adapter worked fine:

The HP DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (MPN F3W43AA) should also accomplish this as it lists a supported resolution of 4K, which indicates it's a Type 2 adapter.
Mar 29, 2022
Sup guys, a little update!

I did change the wires (Main screen connected w/o addapter, and secondary with adapter) and changing this setting :
Settings > System > Display > Display Adapter Properties > Monitor and then under Screen Refresh Rate

However when i tried with a game i noticed that my scdnry screen turned off and on for a bit and my fps were at 60 still, so what was happening is that, since i ran the game at fullscreen the scndry wasn't cappable of doing so, and it turned the main hz down, so the solution was to run it in borderless window c:

so far so good!!