Asus motherboard m4a785td-v evo ram issues


Nov 15, 2011
Good day everyone, I'm having a slight problem with my Asus motherboard. It's a M4A785TD-V EVO and I had in it previous two 2GB Centon RAM sticks. I wanted to upgrade to 8GB so I went out and bought four 2GB Kingston KHX1600C9AD3B1/2G RAM sticks. Well, the problem is that if I plug in all four my comp doesn't go to the BIOS screen or anything like that but if I plug two kingston into the black slots and my old Centons into the 4 slots it works fine. Can anyone tell me why it won't accept the other 2 Kingston in the blue slots?
I would reset the bios; remove the motherboard battery for a minute with the power supply unplugged. When you reinstall the battery and boot up, your saved settings will be gone so regardless if it works or not, you'll have to reset your personal bios settings including the boot order. But try it anyway. Once you reset the bios, if you make it to the post screen with all four kingston sticks, try setting the ram voltage in manual mode to whatever your kingston requires, from 1.5-1.65 volts. You may have to try more than one setting, so be patient.