Question Asus motherboard stuck in 2nd no-BIOS after updating

Aug 3, 2020

I got Motherboard Asus rog rampage apex VI and I yesterday updated my bios (uefi).

Problem was that I totally forgot, that I got water cooling I kept getting cpu_fan speed error. In my stupidity I got into my bios setting and pressed "force 2nd bios boot", because I thought first was corrupted (That was no issue).

Now I am stuck in endless restart loop, because it appears, there is no 2nd bios at all: I start PC and it won´t even get to BIOS menu or anything appears at all on the screen, and PC restarts in a few seconds, and again.

I know there is bios_switch button on Motherboard, but it is just not working: when I press it, nothing at all happens -> there are LED´s nearby which tells what bios is set, even after pressing button, it is still on the 2nd.

Thank you for your ideas how to fix the problem