Question ASUS or MSI motherboards? (z370 for 8700k)

Aug 27, 2019
I'm currently struggling to find an appropriate motherboard for my system. Needless to say, I feel forced to ask here for advice.

All the IT shops in my country no longer have anything in stock regarding z370 chipsets and since the z390+i7 9700k kit is way beyond my budget limit, the only solution is buying a used z370 motherboard. I can still find a new/sealed i7 8700k, so that takes off most of the "second-hand product" pressure.

Initially, I had my eyes set on Asus ROG STRIX z370-H Gaming (Link below)

^ This motherboard has everything that I'm looking for in one. A few things that I look for specifically is a BIOS with full control for overclocking and adjusting CPU+case fan curves. The build quality (more durable and higher quality materials) comes second and third comes the aesthetics (must be black/red with RGB). I know the aesthetics aspect is of least importance, but I'm trying to make everything look nice and on-theme with my msi gaming x gtx1070.

The issue with this motherboard is that I only found one single seller. He claimed that when he bought it, he didn't put the cpu properly and wrecked the socket and then got a new replacement from the warranty service, but decided to make a different system and got stuck with the replaced board, thus wanting to sell it.

But when I met him and checked the board, I opened the latch with the plastic cap and noticed that some of the socket pins from the replaced board were also bent and there was a dustmite hanging around there. I didn't touch anything and he decided to remove the dustmite himself and f*cked up even more pins in the process!

The guy was OK with his mistake though and told me he'll just take it back from where he bought it to get another replacement, since it's still in warranty and meet again once it's solved.

Now, I highly highly doubt he's gonna get a replacement (bending the pins means warranty void, IIRC) and since he's the only seller with the box and all the accessories included, I have no other option but to keep searching for other models, while hoping this guy's mobo gets fixed.

Then I found the MSI z370 Gaming PLUS, which still seems to satisfy 90% of my needs (excluding the rgb part), but after reading a handful of reviews, I feel like the build quality is way cheaper, has less chokes and protection, might overheat if overclocked, etc. Not to mention that I'm kind of biased towards Asus motherboards, regarding durability and material quality. (MSI mobo link below)

Is the MSI board a downgrade?
Will it perform well if I decide to overclock?
Do you recommend waiting for that seller to fix his board or will there be other risks? (It's still under warranty btw)
How are MSI motherboards in general? Is there a big difference between the two? (Because I've only bought video cards from them)

TL;DR - Asus ROG STRIX z370-h Gaming or MSI z370 Gaming PLUS? Only one seller for the asus, not very sure about it's physical state, but MSI feels cheaper and less stable/durable. I want BIOS with CPU+case fan curve settings and OC, good/durable build quality, preferably black/red theme with red RGB - What do you suggest?

Quick edit: How does Aorus z370 Gaming k3 compare to these two? Just found this one right in the last second.

Also, I'm open for alternatives, if they meet the 3 criteria I keep insisting on like a princess :)