Asus P4T-E compatibility help needed


Jan 3, 2007
Even though I'm in the process of building an entirely new system, I wanted to upgrade my cpu and video card in my current system so it will at least run for the family. Here's my problem: I don't quite understand the limitations (if any) on selecting a new cpu and video card for my motherboard.

My current system:
Asus P4T-E, Socket 478 P4 Motherboard, Intel 850 Chipset
Intel 2.0ghz processor, 2000Mhz, Ext. Clock speed 100 Mhz
768mb RAMBUS memory
Nvidia GeForce3 Ti 200

Upgrading memory is not an option as the prices are astronomical.

I would like to bump up the processor to as high as I can get without paying a fortune, and likewise with the videocard. However, I'm not sure it's as easy as popping in a new socket 478 3.0ghz processor and turning the machine back on.

My MB manual states it will take a 2.4ghz +. What does the plus mean?? How does one figure out how to change the settings on the MB to a higher processor? Also says I only have a 4x AGP slot. Do I need to be careful then with what Video Card I buy?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



May 9, 2004
you mobo can only run at 400fsb

so you cant run the 533/800 be it celeron D, Hyperthreading one or w/e

basically it can only take the old 128Kcache celerons or the old 512k P4s