Asus P52LPro no post


Aug 27, 2010
Hi, would welcome any views on which of the power supply, processor or mother board have failed on this system. My suspicion is the motherboard.

Asus P52LPro
Corsair 650 W ps
Core 2 duo Intel processor

The system has worked perfectly for some 5 years. Suddenly it wont post or boot.

I have stripped down to power supply, processor and motherboard on breadboard with case speaker, everything else removed.

All the voltages have been checked with a multimeter and are spot on.

On powering on the breadboard arrangement the processor fans start, shutdown, then restart but no post or beeps.

The mother board power led goes red. Once the mother board led is red if it is restarted the fans all start and keep running. If it is started from "cold" ie motherboard power led out then the fans start, stop restart and then keep running.

Thank you for your interest.