Asus P5B & Geil Memory problem


Sep 1, 2007
Hi everybody,

I have an annoying problem with my Asus P5B MB & my 2GB DDR2 800 Geil memories.

When I install the memories in Dual mode, system boots randomly. But when it boots, aftes minutes of processing, system freezes & screen turns to black. In this case I can't restart the system and the only way to reboot is unplugging/plugging the power cable.
So I tried to install a new Windows, but there is no way to install the Windows and each time I try, I give a blue screen error!
In the other hand, when the memories are not in Dual mode, the number of freezes decrease, but the system is still unstable.
The funny side of the story is that I tested memories on another P5B & this P5B with another memories (Albatron) and everything was great!
I don't know the BIOS version of mobo, but warranty said the BIOS is up to date and the board has no problems!!

So, who knows where the problem is?

Tnx in advance.


Sep 29, 2006
not a big fan of GeIL myself, after having problems with 2 X 1gig Ultra sticks that i bought recently.

I would recommend that you download memtest86, burn image to CD and boot your PC with it. Run one stick at a time and let memtest run for a few hours. See if it finds any errors in the ram. take a photo of the screen with errors and post it up or send to your supplier requesting RMA.