Feb 21, 2007
Bulding a new computer with the following parts...

1. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
2. Windows Vista 32-Bit Home Premium
3. 1GB QVL Ram
4. SATA Seagate Harddrive
5. PATA/EIDE Samsung DVD/RW drive
6. Using the onboard video card Intel GMA 3000

Bios Version: 0405, the latest without using Asus's Beta 0605 (i don't like using Beta software for bios, unless it's the VERY last option.)

I have two problems and not getting much help at Asus forum.

Problem #1:
When I turn on computer I get the following error: Intel CPU uCode Loading Error.

With this problem I have done/tried the following. Double and triple checked the pins on the cpu socket/board and none of the pins are bent and all showing, nothing missing.

Originally Motherboard came with Bios version 020x and then updated to the most recent, 0405.

Now the computer will boot to o/s without any other problems*. Everything installed just fine.

Any suggestions on why this error and how to get rid of this?


Once computer is fully booted at the desktop of Vista. The mouse pointer is very erratic. I will try my best to explain this. If I leave the mouse/pointer alone (not move the mouse at all), all of the sudden the pointer will jump to a different part of the screen. It's very annoying.

I did check the pins and they are all fine. Do you think that the first error above would have anything to do with this?

I did install the latest video drivers from Intel/Asus.

Any suggestions or insight to these problems would be great!!

Very frustrated,
Dave :?


Nov 8, 2006
1.Make sure the CPU is installed correctly and the mobo is properly mounted in the case.

2.Clear your CMOS and see what happens.

3.Flash the bios with the beta version in dos.


Feb 21, 2007
Thank you Sarsoft!

I did update to the beta bios version 0605 and the error Intel CPU uCode Loading Error did go away.

I also found the issue with my number two problem.

After Bios update, I reinstalled Vista, new install. Then I carefully installed one Windows Update at a time. On the 4th update which was the Intel Driver for G965 Express Chipset Version video card) I reboot pc and the mouse was fine. All was fine.

Then update 5 (windows update) I selected the next item ATK0110 ACPI Utility, reboot pc.

BAM! Not only erratic mouse issues, but the Intel Driver that was just installed for the video card had an ! mark and error code 43.

Once I uninstalled the ATK0110 ACPI Utility, reboot pc and everything was back to normal. The Intel Video Driver no longer had errors and display settings were back to 1440 X 900 and the mouse is back to normal.

Does anyone know about this ATK0110 ACPI Utility and how important it is? Because once I unistalled the drivers, it's showing up as Other Devices and if I don't need I will leave it this way. :)