ASUS p5d2lx/1333 compatibility


Jan 25, 2012
I'm intending to upgrade my ram
I've been doing some research and I found that my motherboard, ASUS P5ld2x/1333 only supports DDR2 memory, isn't that right ?
Does that mean that if I install a 4gb DDR3 kingston stick it won't work at all or does it mean that it's going to work as DDR2 ?

Also the Motherboard only supports 667 mhz fequencies. Does it mean that a 1333mhz won't work at all or will it work at 667mhz ?
So what is the best solution here?

Deleted member 217926

That motherboard supports DDR2 533 and 667. There is no DDR2 1333. To go up to 1333 requires DDR3. DDR2 and DDR3 are keyed differently so that they will not even fit in the same slots.

The 1333 in the name of the board refers to the front side bus ( FSB ) of the processors it will support. That is something completely different from the memory.