[SOLVED] ASUS P5G41T-m LX3 stuck on windows logo after adding another 2GB RAM

Nov 27, 2018
Hi All,

I have problem regarding with my old computer.

Motherboard............ ASUS P5G41T-m LX3
Processor................ C2Q Q9550 @ 2.83 GHz
RAM ....................... 3GB (2GB & 1GB) 1333 MHz

Here is the scenario;
I'm planning to upgrade my 1GB to 2GB, so I bought 2GB of RAM and install it on my PC, it boots fine and works perfectly.
However when I restart my PC, it's stuck on the windows logo then automatically restarted again (it's looping).
But, when I properly shutdown, and turn it on again.. it will boot perfectly until on the desktop.

I'm confused on this and don't know what to do in the bios settings.

Appreciate any ideas & opinions.

Thanks in advance!

Merry Christmas
Doesn't like mixing the RAM, could be different specs. Also even 2GB of RAM is not considered enough to run a basic Windows desktop.

See if you can buy another 2GB stick if dirt cheap as your machine is now getting a bit old.