Asus P5N-E Sli MoBo (OC) Cpu help


Dec 8, 2007
Im wondering if anyone here has this MoBo and if they can tell me step by step how to OC my e6300. its at 1.87 rite now, i dont want to do a huge OC just want to get a bit more out of it. maybe get to 2.2 or so . . any help from people that have experience with this board would be awesome. BTW i have never OC'd anything but my gfx card so i dont know any lingo and i really dont know much about anything, so i would really need a detailed description, Thanks in advance :)

Edit: im not sure if it matters but my Ram is 1gig x2 of Corsair ddr2 800 pc 6400 5-5-5-12


Dec 12, 2007
okay i had that board a while ago and my brother has one which i overclocked for him to 3.2ghz. the first thing you will have to do is the memory to run linked with the fsb its in the fsb secon on bios. then if you put in 1600 into fsb then that will make your cpu run at 2.8ghz. then you will have to increase the vcore to the cpu id sujest 1.4v to start with then make sure the memory is also at the correct voltage usuwally 1.8 or 2.1v then also increase the northbridge voltage i forgot but i think 1.4 is generally enough.

then see if it boots if it does then see if you can get into windows then if it does run prime 95 or orthos for a few hours to check for stabilty. if it doesnt boot you dont have to clear cmos(bios) all you have to do is switch on for a few secs then turn off at plug and then back on and it should boot into safe mode, so you can get into bios and change vcore etc.

if it does boot but doesnt get into windows then you need to increase vcore or reduce fsb. untill its stable for 8 hours on orthos.

you also have to run coretemp while useing orthos to make sure the temps stay below 70c if they get to 70 shutdown and lower vcore or speed.

i think thats everything, reading the stickys at top of forum would help alot.
for stabilty the fsb and mem speed must be linked otherwise its not stable i know cos ive tried.