Asus P5Q Deluxe System Temperature


Apr 18, 2008
Hi everyone. I recently bought a Asus P5Q Deluxe and Intel C2Q Q6600. I have done some overclocking and reached 3.0 Ghz no problem. I was wondering what kind of temps other people have gotten with this motherboard or motherboard/CPU combo. Your comments and insights would be greatly appreciated.
My Rig:
Asus P5Q Deluxe
Intel C2Q Q6600 @ 3.0 Ghz
Asus V60 Mini Tower w/ Silence Cooler
EVGA 8800GTS 320 MB @ stock
OCZ Gold Series DDR2 800
Seagate 300 GB 7200 RPM

Mobo Temp Idle: 38

Mobo Temp Load: 46

CPU Idle
Core 1: 38
Core 2: 37
Core 3: 32
Core 4: 35

CPU Load
Core 1: 58
Core 2: 56
Core 3: 55
Core 4: 55


Nov 23, 2008
I have system that is pretty comparable to your's. I have an Asus P5q, Intel C2Q 9450 @3.2ghz with an 90mm OCZ Vendetta cooler, EVGA 8800gts 512, Seagate 320mb, supertalent ddr2 800(3gb), Centurion cooler master case.

My mobo is at 32 right now, but that's with the side cover off, if I leave it on, it can go to 35-38, and that's in my a\c basement (68degrees).

I had some problems at first. I had to use the Asus Fan expert and tweak it a lil bit, then I got the numbers a lil bit better.

My temps right now are 39, 30, 35, 34.

At load they rarely go over 52 degrees, but the TJ max for the chip is 105 degrees, and same for yours I think or 95, one of the two.

Try the Asus Fan Expert, if you don't know it's under the AI Suite.

Good luck man!


Nov 23, 2008
I know that I bumped this big time, but I had a hard time getting any info when I was having temp problems, and since no one had replied, I wanted to make sure you got some info.