ASUS P5Q SE - a problem of hooking up IDE components


Oct 6, 2008
Hey, i just got an Asus motherboard (P5Q SE) and my hard drive and the DVD writer are have IDE connection, so when i plug them both together, when i reboot, on the second screen after the option of entering BIOS, the computer just get stuck even before reaching the Windows loading screen...
If i plug only one of them Either Hard Drive or the DVD drive, the system boots up approprietly and works well...but i need the 2 of them working together...
something interesting that i've noticed is that when i reboot and it mentions the components that i have plugged up it says that i have : Port1 Hard drive and Port 1 Dvd writer, so the interesting thing is that i've noticed they they both sit on the same port... so i wonder if it something to do with the problem.
so if anyone has an idea how can i make the IDE components work together please let me know, i already tried everything i could... i dont know what else i can do...
i dont really want to buy a new SATA dvd writer because i got my current dvd drive only a month ago or so... so i would rather solve it this way, but in the worst case i'll buy it...


Oct 8, 2007
Make sure the HDD is plugged to the end of the cable and set as master. Plug your ODD to the middle connection and set it to slave. There should be jumpers on the back of the drives to do this with.
Yup, check your jumpers. Many IDE hard drives also have alternate jumper configurations for master, slave, and cable select so you may want to look up your hard drive documentation if you still have problems after that. You should also keep in mind that the IDE port will use the lowest common interface speed for the devices. Even if your Hard Drive is ATA 133, if your DVD drive is ATA 66 then that's the interface speed your Hard Drive will operate at. If you have an IDE controller card lying around you can use that to make sure that the DVD drive and IDE drive are operating on their own channels.