Asus P5Q SE motherboard problem?


Dec 1, 2009
I have been running windows 7 for the last year without any problems. Yesterday I thought I would try windows power saving mode. I went into the control panel and selected, to sleep the computer after 15 minutes of inactivity and power off the screen after 15 minutes of inactivity. Once I had done this I was away from my computer for around 20 minutes, however when I returned the system would not instantly power back on. I was forced to turn off the computer at the wall and try and reboot. When I first rebooted I immediately got the Asus P5Q splash screen, followed by a message saying Asus Express Gate is not installed. This is Asus instant boot environment, which I know I have never installed or ever used. I then went into the bios and disabled Asus Express Gate. I then rebooted again and immediately got the Asus P5Q screen on power on, however this time without any message about express gate. After a couple of seconds a black screen appeared saying: Marvell 88SE61xx Adapter – Bios Version 1.1.0.L69 – No hard disk detected!. Despite this it does boot to windows, however when windows loaded there was a problem that no drivers were installed (printer, network etc) I then turned off power saving features and rebooted again. On reboot the same 2 screens appeared (apart from express gate message) however this time windows loads with all the drivers. Despite disabling the windows power management system, on boot I always get the Asus P5Q splash screen and the black screen saying no hard disk detected. Previously I just used to get a standard black booting screen. I have done a few virus scans, however these have not come up with anything. I am thinking maybe it is a hardware problem as I get those screens immediately on booting? However it seems a coincidence this occurred at exactly the same time as me changing the power management settings? Also I don’t understand why the first time I got the Express gate problem message? Does anyone have any idea what is going on? When I get into windows everything is ok.
Please see attached pictures of details of screen displays:

Hardrive: ST3500320AS Seagate barracuda
Processor: Intel C2D E8600
RAM: 4GB crucial ballistics


Aug 16, 2009
clear the cmos ... remove the battery and put it back in ... it should fix it. Also, note that you have to push the power button once on your tower to go back to windows.