ASUS P67 Pro Overheating?


Mar 18, 2011

I'm new to these forums but I have read many of threads on these forums for all my computer information. I like to think this community would be able to help me with this issue I have run into.

I have recently purchased my new rig and I wanted to find an OC I could use 24/7, I thought I have found one. Ran Prime95 14 hours and then I noticed a message Asus notified me with about my Motherboard temperature being 123C. I freaked out, turned off Prime95 and watched the Asus Monitor, and my CPU temp went down and my Motherboard temp stayed the same. What could be overheating my motherboard....

My configuration is:

Asus P67 Pro
8GB Patropt Memory 1600 MHz
HD 6970
Corsair TX850W

Also here is a screenshot of my monitoring programs while Prime95 is running.

Here is a screenshot of my monitoring programs when Prime95 is NOT running.

after restarting MOBO temp went back down to 23C, any ideas on what might of caused this?


Feb 4, 2012
I just had the same thing happen with an Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3. Was running Prime95 happily for about 15 hours with CPU temps the same as yours, also with a i7 2600K at the same speed when I noticed the ASUS sensor showing the motherboard at 123C.

I stopped Prime95, as you did, and my CPU fell rapidly back to normal but the MB temperature stayed at 123C until a reboot. I went directly into the BIOS which showed a normal, much lower temperature.

I am wondering if there's some kind of issue with the ASUS sensor after the CPU is under stress for so long. Otherwise, I'm guessing the PCs should be crashing with a Motherboard temperature that high.