Asus P67 trilemma (Sabertooth P67, P8P67 EVO, P8P67 PRO)



Hello everyone, I'm in a trilemma between these 3 motherboards:

Sabertooth P67 ($247)
P8P67 EVO ($226)
P8P67 PRO ($212)

I'm going to use Core i5 2500k and I plan to overclock it to ~4.3 GHz.

My original plan was to buy P8P67 LE, but after doing some research I found out it had some problem with overclocking which forces me to choose higher tier motherboard.

I've read reviews and all 3 received fairly positive ratings.

I tried comparing them on Asus' official website and there are hardly and differences between EVO and PRO. Is EVO worth additional $14?

Also, is Sabertooth worth the money over EVO and PRO with its thermal shield? What else makes is better than EVO and PRO?

Lastly, I don't plan to use more than one graphic card.

Help much appreciated.