Question ASUS P6T Deluxe v2 no video output

Jul 21, 2021
So I just finished putting together my system and I'm having quite a strange issue.

  • Intel Core i7 920
  • ASUS P6T Deluxe v2
  • Corsair XSM3 DDR3-1600 (6x2GB)
  • Corsair AX860i PSU
  • NZXT HAVIK 140
  • No drives are currently connected
  • Motherboard is placed on a piece of cardboard
The situation:
The lights on my motherboard turn on (the onboard power button LED is red green, the onboard reset button LED is green red, and the RAM led is off), my graphics cards lights are on (and they're both green) and its fans are spinning, my CPU cooler's fans are on, and my AX860i's self-test LED is green and its fan spins up. But when my monitor (which is definitely working) is plugged into my graphics card and my PC is turned on, I get no video output or BIOS screen when I hold the DELETE key. My monitor's LED is just blinking red.

Troubleshooting steps I've taken:
  • The RAM is working because I tried my two RAM sticks in another PC.
  • The PSU is working because I tried it in another PC.
  • I've tried using just one stick of RAM in my motherboard. Tried using a different RAM modules but still no video output.
  • I've tried using just two RAM modules in my new motherboard (and swapped those around).
  • I've tried another graphics card in my new PC (a GT 710 or something) but still no display output.
  • I've cleared the CMOS by removing the battery for some time and then putting it back in (I've tried this like 10 times).
  • I've reseated all the cables multiple times.
  • I've tried using multiple keyboards (one PS2 and a few USB ones).
  • I've tried using another monitor.
  • I've tried another CMOS battery.
  • I've reseated the CPU.
  • I've reseated the graphics card.
Some other (possibly important) notes:
  • My keyboard's LEDs don't turn on (for caps lock and num lock).
  • My motherboard doesn't have a debug speaker.
  • My PSU's self-test LED stays green when the PSU is on and the system is powered on, but the fan stops spinning after around 30 seconds.
  • My CPU doesn't have an iGPU.
  • I don't have any spare cables for the PSU.
Please help me if possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!
is this fresh built and never used all the component before? for me it seems like a motherboard faulty, my friend had a Z87 FTW and it was in the state of broken slowly, and last month it stopped working, he told me he replaced and reseated every components and yes, all components work in new motherboard but wont work on the Z87 mobo, i realligned his cpu pin (cauuse some of them were bent) and still no go, tried using the bios switch to the 2nd bios chip, no go. this could be a motherboard faulty to me.