ASUS P6T memory related timing question


Mar 26, 2009
Hey all I just built up this system today and I'm sure this question has been asked quite a few times....

I have an ASUS P6T Mobo married with Corsair TR3X6G1600C9 Ram (3x2)

Everything booted fine loaded fine but my question is about the lower memory speed...

I read the manual and used the XMP option in the bios... apparently Intel has a profile for the ram I have with exact timings... for the 1600... anyway I scrolled down a bit and this may sound stupid but adjusting the vdimm voltage was sitting at 1.66 meanwhile the vendor says 1.65v.... at the timings of 99924

I can get 1.64 and 1.66 but it won't let me set it to 1.65 for some oddball reason... Am I going to wreck my ram or CPU by leaving it at 1.66v? I'm not much of an overclocker as you can see.... by asking this question but you never know...

Thanks in advance for your advise and yes I have my flamegear on if you wanna make fun lol...



Intel doesn't have the timings, Corsair does. XMP is extra space similar to SPD on a programable chip that the motherboard reads. Asus didn't design its LGA-1366 motherboards with the 1.65V option, but 1.66V should be safe.

Actually it gets more complicated than that. The reason Intel says 1.65V max for its processor is because they want you to keep it within 0.50V of the CPU Uncore voltage, something listed in BIOS as QPI/DRAM voltage. Asus probably set yours to somewhere between 1.35V and 1.55V, which is well within the 0.5V maximum separation from your 1.66V DRAM voltage.