Asus p6t mobo temps


May 10, 2009
System specs:

Asus p6t deluxe v2
core i7 920 cpu@2.66GHz O.C.ed to 3.8GHz
noctua NH-u12p cpu cooler - 2 x 80mm fans
corsair dominator TR3X6G1600C8D
GeForce GTX275 Vid Card

Now, PC Probe is showing idle speeds of 40c - 43c for the CPU and 41c - 43c for the MB

At loads, I've seen the CPU go as high as 65c - 70c and the MB as high as 61c which set the alarm off on PC Probe
which is set at default to 60c

I have heard that the CPU temp is fine, but is the MB temp ok

No issues with the system at these temps - everything seems to be working fine

Just wondering is these temps are going to be ok for this system in the long run


Jul 21, 2009
I have pretty much the same set-up (same MB, CPU, Noctua cooler, corsair memory but a eVGA GeForce GTX260). My CPU is running at stock speed though. The MB seemed to run around 42c with the CPUs in the low 40s at idle. I changed cases (went to Cooler Master HAF 922), added a bottom fan (pulling in), a 200mm side fan (pushing out) and an internal 120mm fan aimed below the GTX260 at the lower half of the MB to stir the air (there seemed to be a hot spot below the video card due to the size). All of those changes dropped my MB temp to 36 - 37c, CPU core temps to 32 - 37 and really dropped the GPU - went from the low 40s down to 33c. I used Everest for the temps and took many readings over time. Ambient room temperature was ~ 75f for all readings. I elevated the case off the carpeted floor ~ 2" to provide air flow for the bottom fan and for the PS exhaust. Hope this helps.