ASUS P6X58D-E Networking Issue


Jan 25, 2012
My computer is about to be a year old and I am having my first problem which has stumped me. In it I have a ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard and no network card. The built in adapter is a gigabit port so I figured that would be fine. Yet now, after a year of use, my internet is skipping all over the place because of it

My home internet is 50 Mbit down and 5 Mbit up, which is consistent on ever computer in my house except mine. My internet on a speed test will start out at something like 10 - 15 Mbit then shoot up to 600 Mbit and stay there for a bit. For most people they would say that it is an amazing speed, but in the real world I get amazing speeds then it drops to say 1-5 Mbit. I tried plugging in another computer to the same Cat-5 line in the wall and it worked just fine with 50 down and 5 up.

Is this a normal problem with this motherboard or should I just buy a network card to bypass the problem all together?