Asus P6X58D Premium - Distorted Screen

Jan 9, 2019
Hi All,

I'm just wondering if anyone has come across with the same issue I am having with my mobo. My system is i7-930, ocz ram 12gb in total made up of 2gb ddr pc3-10666 platinum, MSI RX 460 2gb GPU, Hitachi 1tb hd on Win 10 pro. I messed around with the bclk and now when I restart Windows I get a distorted screen before the ASUS logo. It then loads into Windows and works as per normal. If I shutdown and start the issue does not present itself only only when restarting. Yes, the issue is self inflected and I feel such a idiot for not doing homework before attempting such a feat. I should have started with a cpu with an unlocked multiplier. I have cleared the cmos a couple of times, flashed the bios, booted with one ram stick at a time - still the distorted screen comes up. I tested my gpu in another pc just to check if that got messed up but it worked fine. I also tried 2 other cpu's on the mobo and no luck. Shall I just let it be and live with the distorted screen and be thankful that I did not fully kill my mobo or Is there a remedy? It's really bugging me.
Oh I forgot to mention after overclocking I ran blender benchmark for about an hour. : ( Stock base frequency of my cpu is 2.8ghz, default locked multiplier in bios is 21 and bclk is 133 before I went gungho and raised it to about 145 - 150 not thinking about how it was going to affect the ram / pcie lanes......... : (

Thanks in advance.....


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